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Moka Pot

Coffee: Depends on your basket size Grind Size: Coarser than espresso Water: Below the safety valve Temperature: Boiled Brew Time: Varied METHOD: Add ground coffee to the basket (fill it till the top, but do not tamp) Add hot water in the water tank till just below the safety valve Pop the basket in, grab a towel and screw on the upper chamber tightly Put your Moka pot straight on the stove Take your Moka pot off of the stove after you hear a gurgling sound Rinse the water tank under cold water to stop the brewing process Pour the coffee out and enjoy!

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French Press

Coffee: 30 g Grind Size: Medium Water: 500g Temperature: Boiled Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 16.7:1 Brew Time: 2:00 METHOD: Add ground coffee and boiled water in your French press Let brew for 4 mins. Use a spoon to stir the crust and scoop out the foam and coffee bits off the top Brew for another 5-8 minutes (Optional, but your coffee will taste much better!) Plunge to just underneath the surface of the coffee Pour gently and enjoy

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Coffee: 17 grams Grind Size: between espresso and pour-over Water: 200ml Temperature 80 C Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 12:1 Brew Time: 2:00 METHOD: (Inverted) Invert AeroPress Rinse filter paper Add ground coffee Bloom with 40g of water, stir with a stir stick or spoon After 30 sec, add 150g of water Brew for 60 secs, stir 10 times Attach filter, flip and press slowly (approx. 30 secs) in to your cup.

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